Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Book Review - Longarm Quilting Workbook by Teresa Silva

Hi and welcome to the 3rd stop on the Longarm Quilting Workbook blog tour. I am so excited to participate.  I met Teresa Silva almost 3 years ago after corresponding via email about something that I wanted to have custom quilted.  We've worked on 50+ quilts since then (including 2 that are in this book)!  If you follow @quiltingismybliss on Instagram, you've seen her work on many of my projects.  Here are a few pics from some of my favorites:

From my Cookie Cutter Quilt
(pattern by Jaybird Quilts)

From my Arcade Game Quilt
(pattern by Jaybird Quilts)

From my version of The Butterfly Quilt
(pattern by Tula Pink)

From my August Stars Quilt
 (pattern by Jaybird Quilts)

I’ll be honest, I harbor no illusions about my lack of a future as a longarm quilter, but this book has a so much more to offer.  Beyond the pretty pictures lies a treasure trove of information.  The Longarm Quilting Workbook is a great reference to help you work with your longarm quilter.  While it’s not written for that purpose, learning more about how the longarm machines operate (as opposed to a regular domestic sewing machine) can make the whole process flow more smoothly if you understand the limitations of working on a frame, including the size of the machine and the frame, and the methods of operation (hand guided, computer guided, etc).

Call it part of my curious nature, but just because I don't want to be a longarm quilter doesn't mean that I don't want to understand how it's done.  I love how the Longarm Quilting Workbook presents text and illustrations that work together to show how the motifs are created.  I've actually watched Teresa quilt in person, but I get mesmerized by the whole thing and forget that I wanted to really watch to see how it's done.

The book also has a couple of fun patterns for you to make.  I opted to do single blocks of two of them so they could hang as mini quilts.  Here are a couple of pictures of my interpretation of the Go With the Flow Table Runner and the Snicker Doodle Quilt:

Mini quilt based on the Go With
the Flow Table Runner

Mini quilt based on the
Snicker Doodle Quilt

Thank you so much for joining me on the Longarm Quilting Workbook Blog Tour.  There is much more to come from my fellow participants, including some fun prizes and the grand prize giveaway that you can enter if you comment on the LAST post of the hop as we rejoin Teresa back where we started at on 10/17/17 (the window to enter will only be open until Friday, 10/20/17 at 4pm Pacific)!

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You can purchase the Longarm Quilting Workbook at the following sites: (For an autographed copy)


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  10. I think Teresa's quilting is amazing, and I'm so happy that she's sharing some of her secrets.

    Carole S.

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  13. The two of you make a great team. The more I read,the more interesting this book sounds.

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