Sunday, April 19, 2015

I may be a freak of nature (in the sewing world)...

...because I only have 4 projects that are outstanding (as of 5 pm on 4/19/2015 when I am starting to write this post).  Most sewing/quilty people I know have significant backlogs of works in progress (WIPs).

I am being completely honest with you, and the point of this post is not to make ANYBODY feel bad at all about having WIPs. It's merely an explanation, and, truthfully, it's just how I'm wired. 

Why am I telling you this?  I get a lot of comments about the rate at which I get things done, and what I have next on the agenda. So, here's the current list:

1.  The oldest project is my Park Bench quilt that I started last year as a block of the month program with Fat Quarter Shop. It's basted, but I haven't felt motivated to actually quilt it. I'm going to do straight lines on it.  The last time I posted anything about it was back in July before I had finished the top.

Pattern is by Jaybird Quilts and fabric is Botanics from
Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

2. My Tula Pink Diamonds in the Sky quilt top is English paper piecing. It's over 1,000 pieces, and it is going to take me at least another year or two at the rate I'm going. I am not enjoying hand sewing at all. I do, however, love that it is something I can sit and sew while getting my hair done, waiting at the car dealership while they are doing an oil change, on a plane, or sitting in the waiting room at a doctor's office.  This is the most recent picture that I took of it.  This was back in October 2014.  Now, the partially attached row is fully attached, and I'm working on row 4 (of 13).

Pattern is from Tula Pink and fabric is from Tula Pink's Acacia collection

3. My Spiked Punch quilt was just finished being quilted by Teresa of Quilting is My Bliss last week, so I'll bind that after I get it back. 

Pattern is from Tula Pink and fabric is from Tula Pink's Moon Shine collection

4. My Butterfly quilt is also at the quilter and scheduled to be quilted late next month. This is the last hanging full picture that I posted before I filled in the missing background piece, added borders, and  sent it off to Teresa. 

Pattern is from Tula Pink and the printed fabrics are from Tula Pink's Elizabeth collection
Coordinating solids are from Michael Miller and Art Gallery Fabrics

Yes, I do sew with patterns and fabrics that aren't by Tula Pink.  This batch of pictures just happens to be quite Tula heavy.  And yes, I do suck at taking photos.

So, why do I have so few projects?  The truth is that I get bored very quickly, and I don't like to have something hanging over my head like that. It keeps me awake at night (in addition to many, many other things). I'm just not a long-term project kind of girl. If I don't do something full steam ahead, I will likely cast it aside and probably never touch it again.  It's just how I am, and I'm ok with it. I have dozens of projects in mind (and actually written down so I don't forget what I had envisioned), but I don't actually count a project as a work in progress until I have put the first cut into the fabric.  

I'm constantly thinking about the next thing that I want to make, and as soon as I have finished something, I've already moved on to the next (often within minutes). I don't do well with not having a project (I can't count the EPP project as part of this because I can't physically or mentally sit and hand sew for extended periods of time) because the feeling of being unfocused can be terribly painful. Inside my head already feels like a pinball machine, so why shouldn't I take advantage of the need for constant motion sometimes? 

If you ask me what's next, it's entirely likely that my answer will change within minutes. Right now, I'm thinking another One Hour Basket with the silly Dear Stella Meat fabric that I bought yesterday at the grand opening of Circa 15 Fabric Studio, but if you check my Instagram feed, you will get to see what I pick! 

So, there it is. This is why I work at the rate I do, and this is why I try to keep the distraction of additional projects to a manageable level. Too many projects, for me, is a recipe for disaster. 

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