Thursday, November 20, 2014

I got published (well, sorta...)

When Art Gallery Fabrics releases a new collection, they release a LookBook to showcase the fabric and inspire projects for those that are sewing obsessed.  So, I wasn't surprised when the announcement was made that LookBook for Katy Jones' Priory Square collection was available.

What DID shock me, however, was that both of the bags that I made for Katy's Quilt Market booth were shown in the LookBook!  I am floored, and they look amazing with the professional photography.  Wow.  I'll totally admit to thinking, hey, I guess I did a pretty good job with those!

So, anyway, you can go see it for yourself.  The bags I made are on pages 25-26 (The A Place for Everything bag and the Sew Together bag), but you should peruse the whole thing because it's stunning.  No, I'm not credited as making them in the book, but yes, those are the actual bags that I made.

Priory Square LookBook

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