Saturday, May 31, 2014

A long overdue update

Let's just sum up the time since I last updated my blog by saying that I have been busy.

Since my last update on July 4, 2013, I have completed 107 projects (a couple may have been started prior to that date but all have been finished on or after July 5).  No, that is not a joke or an exaggeration.  I track all of my current and past projects using a database app that syncs between my phone and computer.  A project could be as simple/small as the Valori Wells Little Wallet pattern that I adore, a shirt, or it could be a king size bed quilt.  I'm also sitting on a stack of 20 current projects that include 3 ongoing block of the month clubs, 4 quilts that are based and waiting for quilting, 3 quilts that are waiting to be basted, 3 quilts that are in-process (one of which is a 1,000+ piece hand quilting project), 3 pairs of PJ shorts, a pair of pillowcases, a cardigan, and a padded sleeve for holding my small acrylic table that I use when I attend classes.

I am planning to resume regular updates, but hey, I'm human.  The last year has provided me with some amazing opportunities, and I am looking forward revisiting some of my previous posts and writing about some new (more or less) and exciting (your mileage may vary with this one too) patterns, notions, and techniques on which I have been working in my 50 sq ft space of the sewing world.

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