Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking an idea and making it happen

Ever wonder how to translate your ideas into reality?  I did, so I know it is possible.  Here is my story:

After leaping into sewing, my brain sent me into a tailspin.  I needed to figure out a good way to organize all of my stuff (organizing everything is an entry for another time).  One of challenges was the lack of a solutions for the issue of storing gently used machine needles.

Following the recommended practice of using the right type of needle (i.e., universal vs embroidery vs jeans, etc all in a variety of sizes) for the right job, I tried using a pincushion and marking it up with a Sharpie.  Well, that just didn't work for me.  It wasn't enough space for the multiple types of needles that I use.  remembering that I had seen some labels printed and ironed onto fabric, i knew that there HAD to be more options.  I can't honestly say that I like ironing/pressing, so that was out too.  It is a necessary evil with sewing as one of my favorite things to do though.

Why not put bits of my random set of skills to good use?  So, enter the role of my trusty computer.  I started off in Microsoft Excel where I created the grid.  From there, I had to use another program to save the grid into a format that would be readable by my embroidery software.  Once imported into the embroidery software, I added the lettering and spent a long time cleaning up the design.

Many test stitch outs and a couple of fully complete prototypes later (I tested a couple of different felts, stabilizers, batting, finishing methods, checked results of using different needles, and lots of testing different fonts), I was pretty satisfied with the results.  Now, I am ready to share all of my hard work.

I've been quilting each one individually, adding the snaps, then binding it as I would a quilt.  The only automated part of the whole process is the stitch out of the grid.  Everything else is completely done by me.  Sure, you can buy other needle holders, but isn't an embroidered and quilted one cooler?

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